What not to do…

It’s finally cold out! We enjoy the outside at the weekend, but not as much during the week as we might have when it was warmer, and brighter after dinner. Obvious, I know. I really, really miss the outside shrieks of hide and go seek with the neighbours, or the evening walks with the dog. Sigh!

This means we are all piled around my little house more (maybe obvious!)…

  • Don’t blame the kid you catch when it’s really in retaliation (ie. throwing rice across the dinner table)
  • Don’t underestimate the need for space – a couch cushion territory will be fiercely protected
  • Lecturing… it does *nothing* and chances are it’s more irritating to say all that and have it fall limply on the floor.
  • Don’t leave an open bottle of vanilla close to the edge of the counter while baking. Just don’t.
  • Kids don’t like to shovel snow *right* after coming home from school.