What to do…

And even though it’s wintery cold out, I’ve seen some things that have worked in my house…

  • Laugh about rice-throwing incidents! They can be quite funny, really (and the dog can snarf them up off the floor!)
  • Demonstrate that it’s ok to switch seats on the couch by giving up a favourite spot to one of the kiddos (…or the dog. I’m sure that’s ok too…??)
  • Be concise and direct (oy! I need some help already! Quit yer yammering and do what you said you’d do! We’ve got 30 mins to finish the list!). They don’t want to hear my yammering (as it turns out!!) And kids, maybe especially kids with LDs and/or are divergent in some way, like to quickly hear what’s up and then move on.
  • Regress with kiddos sometimes. I’d love to have my hair brushed rather than doing it myself. It’s ok to indulge them occasionally (“everything in moderation!”) – and only if you have the heartspace to do this happily
  • Catch them in a positive moment! Say something about it (sometimes that might just be an impressed raised eyebrow at a pre-teen who still likes the praise/acknowledgement but maybe not the verbal praise)