As long as they’re muffins…

It’s Family Day in Canada – so trio and I hung out and played games, went out for lunch with several generations, and made these delicious muffins! Big shout out to shivaaydelights for the recipe and calling them “muffins” instead of cupcakes.


Now I can guilt-free-ly send trio to school with these snacks!

xo Mto3


Beware: ridiculously delicious banana bites!

I fall guilty of subscribing to the Valentine’s chocolate hype. However, picking up some cards and chocolates at the store was not on my radar at *all* this week. And since it’s not super easy for me to just nip out (hence my cinnamon buns brekkie today), trio went without any real commercialism today. I know. I’m a terrible Mum. We also had to clean up the messy house today. Aaaand I made us have 45 minutes of quiet time.

I was still fancying some chocolate, however. So I crafted these little delicious banana bites. It’s just a banana, some melted peanut butter, and chocolate.


The trick for me, whenever I work with a banana, is in the cutting. They get so darn slippery once they’re sliced with a knife. I do this instead:


See how the banana is in 3 segments? Just give a gentle squeeze until you see the natural divider, and split it along those lines. Then break the banana into the sizes you’d like.*


Meanwhile, melt the peanut butter however you’d like (I don’t use a microwave, so I do it this old fashioned way. Do what you like.)

Carefully dip the banana bits into the melty pb – I used toothpicks.


Freeze these delicious naked bites. It was easy and quick chez moi today, since it was like, -21°C out there. Brr! I just set them on a bread board, on my table outside. Took no time at all!

Melt some chocolate chips (again, whatever method works for you. Microwave is super easy, on stovetop it can burn and separate and stuff. Fair warning.)
*No photo on hand. It was busy and … well, I forgot, I was so excited.

Freeze again after they’ve been drenched in melted semi-sweet chocolate.

And yum!




These are crazy good. I think a light sprinkle of salt on top after they’re dipped in chocolate would be nice too. These aren’t too fussy, and they come together quickly because of the freezing.

It was well worth it. So delicious!

*Aside: if you only split off the one segment, it makes a terrific banana boat and fits a perfect amount of peanut butter or Nutella!