Thank you letters for no reason…



Oh. My heart.



Swoodles success!

After trying zoodles at a Paleo-based resto for the first time, I *knew* that a spiralizer had to be in my kitchen forever and ever.


So I keep my eye out among the webs, for more successful looking recipes using a spiralizer.

Pinchofyum has lots of deliciousness, but this recipe looked amazeballs.

I don’t even think I pinned it, but that vision of cashew sauce, spinach, and sweet potatoes (and her hilarious chatter about it) stayed with me long after I closed the tab.

Quick dinner

I had cashew cream from a previous recipe (and because Srsly.  It is SO good) and spinach loves my morning smoothies. I took the spirit of pinchofyum’s recipe, as I could best recall, and threw in what I thought would be awesome and had on hand (Parmesan cheese.  Just a sprinkle.)

I was not disappointed.

My oldest kiddo loved it too. This recipe is defo a keeper.


Reblogged: She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes by the Sink

This is an amazing post – the discussion (and metaphor! It’s a metaphor!) about what sometimes happens in a marriage and why they go south. Great piece with an opportunity to do a little self-reflection and digging.

(And my Humanist side feels that it’s not just always¬†he who leaves the dishes… sometimes it is¬†she. But again- metaphor.)

Source: She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes by the Sink

Thanks Matt!


(ps. if you can wade through the comments, please do so: you might find there is some hilarity, some gems, and some ridiculousness)



…I didn’t put meat in the mincemeat

Baking is one of my favourite things to do. This is something that could possibly occupy all of my time Р*especially* if I had a sous-chef, chopping ahead of me, and cleaning up behind me. heaven.

Alas! None of trio are interested in this position, yet will reluctantly participate when pressed. They want Chef status; or at the very least to spice, stir, and sample. And that’s it.

On my 2015 Christmas Baking list (because of course I have one) is mincemeat. I remember not liking it [at all] when I was a kid, but I feel I’d like it as an adult¬†– maybe not from the jars at the grocery store. Not that I am a snob about using pre-packaged food stuffs (…powdered chicken gravy is my not-so-secret shortcut), it’s just that I think I could find a recipe to tailor to my taste.

It’s my first time making this. ever. Being guided only by the vague smushy, sour, deep flavour from my childhood, I began combing through online recipes to find one that I might be able to gently modify to my imagination.

Before I even found a recipe, my imagination was telling me that I wanted a mincemeat that *wasn’t* strictly raisins and currants; one that included dates (that I already bought because I was¬†sure they were going in), prunes (as above), cranberries, maybe some dried pineapple, and more other delicious stuff.

Mincemeat in the pot

Joy of baking’s HomemadeMincemeat¬†is the recipe I followed, and gently modified to include the dried pineapple. I substituted prunes for the figs (darn! I wasn’t going back shopping, but this would be so gooood), and dates for the currants, and accidently added the zest and juice of a lemon¬†and an orange. I probably also reduced the sugar amount – but only because more sugar was erroneously added through the candied peel I added.

So! Part of the reason that Mincemeat stayed on my list so long, was because I didn’t like the look of the¬†candied peel in those little plastic containers in the grocery’s baking aisle. I wanted to try my hand at that too.

Sugary candied peel

This recipe at  The hungry mouse is amazing! I used 2 medium oranges, a lime, a lemon, and a grapefruit.

For my future self (or for those of you who are interested in following in The Hungry Mouse and Joy’s footsteps) I wouldn’t sugar coat the peel prior to adding it to the mincemeat recipe.

And in terms of time frames: I chopped all the fruit (oh ya, I also added in some chopped, toasted almonds) this morning (about 20 nonconsecutive minutes in and among helping trio get ready for school), and then threw it in the pot to simmer while I took them to school. The candied peel took some focused effort (maybe because it was my first time) but it was easy! The thinner the peel, the quicker it will cook, so I would stagger peel entries Рstarting with the grapefruit.

I am very grateful today for the experience of other bakers!

I will post photos of the mincemeat pie nearer to Christmas!

If you have a favourite mincemeat recipe, please let me know!