A bit of background


This blog, when I started it, felt a little like a race: I had to train, it had to make me sweat, and I had to be exhausted upon completion of a post. It was as though there was an officiator calling out three- two- one- Blog! And off I went, putting my best words forward.

Wasn’t I pleasantly surprised that I can share all sorts of things and then not hit the publish button. Or share quick, off the cuff comments from my phone. And while I think I’m pretty solid on my grammar, I didn’t need to endlessly review and edit and worry about my their/they’re/there because I can go back and edit later!

Well, now that I have my blog-legs under me a little more, I’m seeing that I like to post about what trio and I are creating in the kitchen; how mindfulness and meditation shows up in my everyday; parenting moments; doggy things; and my experience of life as a single parent.

So, a little about me: I’m in my late-thirties and I’ve been raising my trio solo for 8.5 years (whaaat!)… the phases of toddler and young children have been left behind me (so bittersweet!) and looming on the horizon of my parent-life is puberty and all its’ associated horrors. Okay, that may be a little dramatic – but maybe not much.

Keeping it real: I have done very little dating. I can’t help but wrinkle my nose – if I only have a narrow window of kid-less time, am I really going to “spend” it on a stranger? On a risk? No, I’m not that kinda gal. I’d rather have a night of hilarity with some girlfriends or my sisters, knowing I’m going to have a good time. Or a quiet evening by myself, knowing I’m going to have a good time. (Yes – I *rarely* order new things at a restaurant. I take the known route to the mall. And my hair will last for years before I decide to cut it. Woo!)

A few other things that keep me a super-wild-ball of fun… I love reading, baking, cooking, decorating, knitting and yarn work. Being outside, camping, hiking, flying kites, and being at the water’s edge. I would love to try skydiving. I also re-found meditation and mindfulness. They have become a big playing piece for me – yoga too, in a way but maybe slightly less, however, my spirit likes to rest there.

Thanks so much for stopping in and taking a look around. Maybe you have similar experiences, or can identify in the opposite ways. No matter what, this is so cool. An amazing piece about blogging is realizing the sheer humanity in it all. We are sharing all this with others! Pieces of ourselves, of our lives. Thank you for being part of mine.

Mum to three


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